Please visit my solo show Tenebra (darkness) in Venice on going until 30th April 2021 at SPAZIOSPARC

g. olmo stuppia is my name as visual artist and author. 

My practice ranges from situationism to a political investigation, to a classical reading of the sky and space, from irony to the creation of installations, sculptures, films, places to fall into. Untaming time, cross barriers. 

Since 2017 I had run and produce in Sicily and Palermo Cassata Drone Expanded Archive with a lot of friends. 

I love to be a lover, an investigator of contemporaneity: irony, alchemy, drone weapons and feminism are my core topics linked to a unique way of life as form.

Poems to sky and sand for a continuous revolt is my statement.  My first film "in dérive" Tre was published in 2016 with the Italian Cultural Institute and Fondazione Bevilacqua La Masa. My second one "Sigonella Inn" is on production for the 2021-2022. My last solo show was produced at INHA of Paris in 2019 and curate by Anna Battiston, Sasha Pevak, Nathalia Pridovko


Here some artworks on Mousse Magazine, Vogue, Exibart, Artribune, La Repubblica